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9/8/2020 Adobe Photoshop Elements Cancelled
9/8/2020 Hatha Yoga Cancelled
9/10/2020 Guitar for Kids Cancelled
9/10/2020 Guitar I Beginner Adults Cancelled
9/10/2020 Guitar II Advanced Beginner Adults Cancelled
9/10/2020 Japanese I Cancelled
9/10/2020 Japanese II Cancelled
9/10/2020 Italian I Cancelled
9/10/2020 Italian II Cancelled
9/10/2020 Past Life Regression Cancelled
9/10/2020 Pilates Cancelled
9/15/2020 American Sign Language Cancelled
9/15/2020 Authentic Indian Cooking Cnacelled
9/16/2020 Watercolor Cancelled
9/16/2020 Gentle Yin/Yang Yoga Cancelled
9/16/2020  Virtual Learning Cancelled
9/18/2020 Pound Cancelled
9/18/2020 Staying Positive in Trying Times Cancelled
9/18/2020 Master the NY Times Crossword Puzzle Cancelled
9/24/2020 Date Night in Greece Cancelled
9/24/20202 10 Things You Need to Know about Lyme Disease Cancelled
9/24/2020 Introduction to Tarot Cancelled
9/24/2020 Navigating Your New Norm Cancelled
9/24/2020 Public Speaking and Interview Skills Cancelled
9/30/2020 Develop Your Intuition & Clairvoyant Abilities Cancelled
9/30/2020 Intro to Ipad Cancelled
9/30/2020 Intorduction to Meditation and Mindfulness Cancelled
9/30/2020 Secrets to Alleviating Digestive Disorders Cancelled
9/30/2020 Social Ballroom & Latin Dance Beginner Cancelled
9/30/2020 Social Ballroom & Latin Dance Intermediate Cancelled